Assistant Technical Officer

Job Purpose

Responsible for overall sub-office staff administration and supervise immediate day-to-day operations, maintenance and works of the building / building services systems in a building hub; and to perform the duty as specified by his/her supervisors (Manager, Property Management & Technical Services).

Key Responsibilities

• Supervise and lead on site BMT-PM(Tech) and out-sourced contractors to manage and implement day-to-day operation and maintenance, preventive and emergency breakdown maintenance, system performance control & monitoring, renovation and system upgrading installations, manage and carry out other engineering works as directed by his/her supervisors.
• Supervise and lead BMT-PM(Tech) to work closely with building management office to provide technical supports and to ensure smooth daily operations, marketing and company
• Supervise and monitor tenants’ fitting-out/reinstatement work to ensure that it strictly follows the approved fitting-out drawings and up to the Company’s standard.
• Handle tenants complaints, requests and enquiries and lead the team to carry out necessary repair/maintenance works. Continuously strengthen relations with tenants.
• Works management and monitoring, including contractor monitoring to ensure the works are carried out properly and correctly to inline with the required quality standards.
• Manage and handle emergency situations, supervise and ensure proper execution of emergency procedures established by the Company.
• Ensure the BMT-PM(Tech) is fully aware of and comply with the statutory requirements on safety working procedures and any other related regulations and ensure site works are
inline with statutory requirements and company quality standards.
• Ensure the BMT-PM(Tech) is fully aware of and comply with the company requirements on safety, quality, environmental protection and sustainability.
• Motivate, retain, train and develop staff members to meet organization’s current and future needs.
• Lead the BMT-PM(Tech) to proactively identify potential risks and areas/systems that can be improved and make recommendations to management for improvement/rectification.
• Manage the maintenance material warehouse properly including the inventory in / out control and monitoring, inventory item reordering and initiating the inventory list revamping to suit actual operational needs.
• Handle routine maintenance related procurement process including purchase of maintenance tools, equipments and materials, contracting out of repair and maintenance works and improvement works.


Skills, Qualifications and Experience Requirements

• Minimum 3 years’ working experience in building and/or building services system operation and maintenance. Candidate with more experience will be considered as Technical Officer.
• Holder of Certificate/Higher Certificate/Diploma in related Engineering/Construction disciplines.
• Possess Construction Industry Safety Training Certificate
• Work on shift if required
• Fluent in spoken and written Cantonese, competence in English preferred
• Good leadership and interpersonal skill
• Excellent customer service attitude